Why “Artwork Cubed”?

Three Reasons:

1st: There is power in a name.  In my case, the power of three.

I am third generation Alice, born on my grandmother’s birthday and 19 years, 4 days after her daughter.

I come from crafty stock; three generations of women raised to “make-do”. That’s the foundation of any craft: making and doing.  When “nanny” wasn’t running machines at the book bindery she was sewing and gardening.


Alice Josephine

My Aunt quite literally made the house she now lives in and has designed and/or made nearly everything of beauty or purpose in it.  

Joann & Honey Dog cropped

Alice Joann

My high school graduation picture
Alice HS Graduation

Alice Evonne

2nd: ART IS WORK… that multiplies upon itself in equal parts physical, mental and spiritual. My process of crafting works of art is inherently exponential.  That is, it builds upon itself in an organic way that I am only partly responsible for and, if fortune smiles upon my efforts, causes the elements to magically come together into an integrated something where before there was nothing.

3rd: All my work is 3 dimensional.