Alice Shepherd

A native Nashvillian, Alice Shepherd was raised by her family of mechanics and machinists for whom reuse was a natural way of life.  Being an only child, she relied on her creativity for entertainment and developed a deep curiosity about how things work.  In 2007 her husband brought home some cast-off parts and windshield glass slag from which she created her first industrial sculptures. Yearning for the ability to manipulate glass led to the purchase of her first kiln and the start of “Artwork Cubed”.  She is a self-taught kiln formed glass artist whose work has shown at OZ Arts Nashville, Seed Space and Centennial Art Center. Arts at the Airport acquired one of her pieces for their permanent collection.  Shepherd’s other collection of colorful, tabletop originals are currently represented by Harpeth Art Gallery in Pegram, Tennessee.

The Industrial Sculpture Story

I spontaneously began creating this body of work while a student in the Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training Program.  Reflecting on it now, I see this collection largely results from a combination of the self-examination exercises, my observations of the stunningly rapid transformation of my hometown and prevailing narratives about progress.  Each piece is my expression of the importance of balancing our growing need for built environments with honoring our identity of place and the beauty of our resources, both organic and inorganic.