It’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It!


A maker since childhood, Alice was born and raised in Nashville, TN and started working in kiln formed glass in 2007.  She is the third generation “Alice”; born of a crafty stock of make-do women and self-made men. Her working class upbringing by homemakers, mechanics, and builders instilled in her the belief that she could do anything if she “just put her mind to it”. These two values: a passion to create and the drive to excel are the foundations of her life and artistic journey.

For many years she had a successful career in bookkeeping and accounting. Then in 1994 she became the first woman in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude (B.A. Sociology/minor in Philosophy, Middle Tennessee State University). She was awarded and completed a one year graduate level teaching assistantship. As much as she loved academia Alice knew that university teaching was not her passion. She declined the second year offer and returned to her previous career. It was there that she had her first show.

Alice was the featured artist at her firm’s 2007 art, wine and cheese event where most of her industrial wall sculptures sold. Longing for the ability to create her own glass components led to the purchase of her first kiln.

Early in 2011, after several months of discussions with her husband about the quality and direction of their lives together, she made the decision to leave accounting and “put her mind” to establishing a creative career that could meld her passion for creating art with her business experience.

By 2013 she had launched Artwork Cubed, secured an internship with social practitioner artist Adrienne Outlaw and Seed Space, enjoyed volunteer work with the Stacked Box Community Art Project and began building her body of work.

Alice creates from her home studio and workshop in Hermitage, TN. She is currently developing free standing and wall sculpture from kiln formed glass and industrial metals.  

She is a 2016 Periscope alumna and an active member of Tennessee Craft.

She has been blissfully married for nearly 30 years to the man of her dreams who makes all this possible. When the mood strikes they hit the road on their motorcycles.