Fall Collection

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AS SEEN IN NASHVILLE ARTS MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015, P26 (Click link and scroll down);
“Autumn Glow”: so named because they seem to glow from within.
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These kiln formed disks in stands (10.5″diameter, 1/4″thick, 2.75 lbs) are made by melting glass at 1670°f and cooling, then “cold working” to hand smooth and re-firing to over 1400°.  Each firing takes over 24 hours.

The Harvest Grapes Accent Lamp Series, Signed.

Light up your Autumn with hand crafted lamps. 10″H x 8.5″, half round cylinder shapes on hand painted ceramic bases in rich bronze metallic.  Complete with in-line cord switch and 25 watt bulb.
5 firings of between 12-24 hours each went into these hand crafted artworks. Crackle glass is created by fusing glass powders into a sheet then fusing to encase in solid glass. Grapes, leaves and vines are cast in molds from crushed glass and fused to the base in a separate firing.  Lastly, the glass is formed over a cylindrical mold.

“Hot Lava” Accent Lamps: 2 available, Signed.

Crackle glass encased between solid sheet glass with iridescent amber and metallic gold beads and wavy glass texture.