Industrial Sculpture Collection

“Building, Dwelling, Thinking” 1  –  The Industrial Sculpture Collection

Artist Statement

I developed the concept for this collection as a study of the stunningly rapid socio-economic transformation of my hometown. Feeling increasingly disconnected from new “hometown” narratives I became deeply interested in how sense of place informs self-identity. These pieces represent struggles between preserving personal histories and stories while navigating the impacts of cultural change. The combination of glass and metal is a metaphor for the uneasy relationship between stability and fragility. Images of self-same hardware in the glass represent possibilities for assimilation, while the inclusion of upcycled industrial parts illustrates my family’s tradition of reusing and making the most of available materials.

1) Heidegger, Martin. “Building, Dwelling, Thinking”, Poetry, Language, Thought, Harper  Colophon Books, New York, 1971.

Read about the collection at Nashville Arts Magazine Article, Artquench Magazine’s 2020 Best Inspirational Contemporary Artists II and Artsy Shark. Collection exhibitions include Flying Solo through Arts at the Airport (Nashville, TN), The Customs House Museum and Centennial Arts Center.