Exciting news!

On April 10th Adrienne Outlaw, Nashville’s own socially engaged artist, agreed to have me intern in her cutting edge practice!  I’ll admit to feeling like a star-struck adolescent.  (Frankly, that alone is priceless :-).  If you aren’t familiar with her work check out her website and blog at http://www.adrienneoutlaw.com.  I discovered her work years ago at an exhibit at Cheekwood which fundamentally altered my perception of the roles that art can fill.  I am humbled and grateful for this rare opportunity.  Of the many – and there are MANY – things to learn the end game is to create and share more holistic and meaningful works that are a confluence of personal experience with my background in sociology and philosophy.  To be sure it’s a tall order!  I’m already working on my first assignment and thinking of ways to keep the blog appropriately updated.  Until next time, stay engaged!