And now for something completely different….

Howdy! I’ve titled this post for fellow Monty Python fans out there.  Let’s not underestimate the FUN factor, right?!   Time indeed does fly when you’re crazy busy.  And in my case the crazy busy is a complete life changer: my experiences interning with artist/social practitioner Adrienne Outlaw combined with my experimental day job of seasonal plant merchandiser. I’ve been wondering how the two seemingly different activities might relate and how they compare to the ways in which I’ve spent, basically, my entire adult career.  Which, lets face it,  tends to define a good portion of one’s time.  I’ve gone from desk and carpet and solitary crafts-person to outdoors and dirt and cooperative creative efforts.  On reflecting I find a particularly striking similarity that addresses both curiosities.  My day job is literally around the corner so I’m working in my neighborhood, which means anonymity is virtually impossible.  Likewise, the internship in the art of social practice is necessarily community based: from interacting with artists in the same building to assisting exhibitors at Seed Space (Adrienne’s site for installation art located in her studio (http://seedspace.org/), to accessing a global community of artists and other professionals via the web.  Nothing of value in either milieu can occur without the confluence of individual and collaborative efforts.  Remember that degree in Sociology?  I’m letting it out to play 🙂  And speaking of play and FUN…it’s time to go have some.  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!