Keepsakes Find Homes!

My new 5 inch footed “baby bowls” as they were initially called seemed to strike a chord with folks from all over that visited the First Annual Marketplace at Gaylord’s “Treasures for the Holidays” in December, organized by Picture This (http://www.picturethis-gallery.com/) .

Word of mouth and social media helped connect them and me with several others.

Keepsake bowls have found homes in Texas (the excited buyer hugged me), DC (a special birthday gift for her sister), and Indiana: and those are just the states I know about!

This custom mix came about when an out of state man contacted me via Facebook for a special Christmas present for none-other-than my new friend and motorcycle riding buddy who lives here in Tennessee. She shares the September/Sapphire birth month with her daughter and her grand-babies share the March/Aquamarine month.  The colors are gorgeous together and I just couldn’t resist!  I don’t have her picture with it yet but here’s a snapshot of the bowl:

Custom Sapphire and Aquamarine 5 in. Keepsake

And this is the picture she sent of her two lovelies with their March bowls:

:Teresa Brother's Grandchildren with baby bowls

I was thrilled when my wonderful dentist, Dr. Jane Bacon (in Hermitage, TN http://www.nopainjane.com/) heard about the custom mix and immediately asked for two: one to keep and one to share!

Then there was our niece, the Secret Santa, in the Shepherd clan who texted me to arrange the November/Topaz bowl for our nephew:

Jon S. with bowl

I am so grateful to see the collection beginning to take on a life of its own: the life I intended when I conceived of the project: to make affordable, meaningful art that connects people to one another.

I love it when people send photos of themselves and/or their special friends and family members with my art!  I encourage EVERYONE to participate.  Let’s make this thing go global!

Peace and love in 2015.