My First Interactive Performance – “Solve et Coagula”

What an exciting night!  (Click this link to read more about the project, the people and find your photos!)  I couldn’t ask for a more accepting and supportive community of people than those in Wedgewood Houston. Turnout and participation was phenomenal!

I’d also like to thank Seed Space (on Facebook) for trusting me with this fledgling project.  And to all 68 of the brave souls at the July 2015  Art Crawl who dared enter the “Solve et Coagula” initiation multimedia enclosure, my sincere gratitude.  I wish I had a pic of the front but my entire crew was busy INSIDE!!!!


I hope you enjoy and share the photos we took of your initiation!  I also hope you’ll hang onto the special coins (that is indeed MY handwriting on the back, “Friend Request”).

In the meantime I’ll be working on that glass artwork I promised that will fused together all your names in YOUR handwriting!

Signed pieces

If I am lucky enough to have future performance opportunities my goal is to create a collaborative artwork from each performance and display them at each showing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope all our paths cross again!

                       Solve et Coagula (keep evolving) and safe travels, my new friends!


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