My Story

A native Nashvillian, Alice was raised in a family of mechanics and machinists for whom reuse was a necessary and natural way of life. Being an only child in a “make do with what you have” environment, she relied on her creativity for entertainment and at a young age began crafting  with whatever materials she could find.  As an adult, she earned a BA in Sociology and Philosophy, concentrating on ethics and aesthetics while continuing the crafting tradition.

In 2007 her husband brought home some cast-off parts and windshield glass slag from which she created her first industrial sculptures. Yearning for the ability to manipulate glass beyond it’s cold state led to her most accessible means: kiln forming, also known as “warm glass”.

By 2011, her love of spending time in a shop working with her hands, figuring out a good challenge and using tools and equipment naturally led to building the “Artwork Cubed” glass studio; so named because she is third generation Alice and her works are 3-dimensional.  This work grounds her in her Tennessee family heritage and gives meaning to her practice.

She is a self-taught kiln formed glass and mixed media artist whose work has shown in solo and group shows at venues including Centennial Art Center, Customs House Museum and Cultural Center, Nashville International Airport, and Oz Arts Nashville.

Her work has received recognition by Tennessee Crossroads, Nashville Arts Magazine , Artquench Magazine and Artsy Shark.   Arts at the Airport holds one of her pieces in their permanent collection.