What a thrill to have my work included in this spectacular show!  A fabulous evening with amazing people and a record breaking crowd at OZ Arts Nashville.

For event pictures click here.


em·bod·i·ment: Poetry Through the Five Senses

Organized by Stephanie Pruitt

July 23, 2015

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Words move from the two-dimensional page and become an experience to touch, taste, smell, hear and see. Poet and social practice artist Stephanie Pruitt collaborates with a chef, musicians, an architect, an aromatherapist, visual artists, and a new proximity-based technology to create a multi-sensory arts adventure. Pruitt’s poem, Close Reading, written for this program, is the conceptual material for each artistic partner to interpret through their discipline’s lens. Audiences explore the 10,000 square foot space curated based on the guiding question: What is it like to be immersed inside of a poem? Stephanie Pruitt’s em·bod·i·ment presents new work by:

• Chef Josh Habiger of Pinewood Social
• alt-classical ensemble CHATTERBIRD
• country singer/songwriter Joy Styles
• former Fisk Jubilee Singer and jazz/funk recording artist Curtis Fields
• landscape architect Mike Kahnle
• Roy Hamilton of Aromagregory
BKON technology
• and visual artists including Jamaal Sheats, Kristin Llamas, Randy Purcell, James Threalkill, Camilla Spadafino, Carolyn Beehler, Vince Herrera, Alice Shepherd, Joseph Love, Betty Turner, Megan Kelley, Erica Ciccarone, Charlie Huddleston, and Larrie Brown.

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