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2016 Mission: Bringing back the METAL!

What a head-banging start to the new year already!  We’re on a mission to bring our passions with a vengeance: hard rock, heavy metal and motorcycle riding culture back into our lives and art. Big dreams and plans for new designs that come full circle to where this journey started: wearable and sculptural kick-ass art from Artwork Cubed! Speaking of, here are are some of my coolest custom pieces:

We started by checking out a set by metalcore band, Play the Victim, to welcome into the family our new 19 year old, vocalist nephew.  Great set at Rocketown in Nashville and proud to have another metalhead in the clan! Check out this track and show ’em some love on their facebook page.  Gotta keep an eye on the up-and-comers!

This week we raged on at Lamb Of God’s “Sturm und Drang” tour with the mighty Anthrax at Marathon Music Works.  KILLER show that also included the band Power Trip who put in a thrashin’ performance.  Next month, the relentless, “Repentless” SLAYERRRRRR!!!!! Shout out ya’ll to let us know you’ll be there and we’ll hook up!

We’re on the prowl for future show dates and scheming ways to connect with YOU…we and 68 Artwork Cubed initiates did some major connecting at the July 2015 show.  Here’s the coin (logo on reverse) they all got and me, post-show, with a sample of some of the love…washable ink stamps of my logo, one for them…68 for me!

We need you to continue to connect and inspire with us to create awesome new designs to bring to the Nashville metal community. We know you’re out there! Help us bring the 2016 metal evolution and let’s ride!




Our trip to DC!

Hey from Alice and Ron!

As my favorite month comes to a close and I begin to gear up for ARTable in the fall, I realize I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to share our May trip to DC!  (There are several pictures/galleries as you scroll through the story.)
This was our first trip and thanks to cousin Haley, a graduate student at George Washington University and the Collections Management Intern for Museum Anthropology, the best vacation ever!!!!


We stayed in a townhouse with Aunt Chris and Uncle Butch a few blocks from Eastern Market on one side and the Navy Yard on the other.

We visited a different area each of the 7 days we were there.  But of all the sites, activities and art I have to say “The Divine Comedy, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell revisited by Contemporary African Artists” at The Smithsonian was the most engaging and thought provoking:  mixed and multi-media, photography, installation, video…you name it…so skillfully done!  I’d love to see it again. No pics of the exhibit but here a couple shots of the grounds:

I even got to meet and have lunch with my friend Elaine Pirozzi (click here to read her story) who was the first to interview me for Career 2.0.  Here we are in front of Kramer Books, Dupont Circle, after lunch:

Elaine Pirozzi, Me, Kramer Books, Dupont Circle, DC After Lunch

Afterwards we visited the nearby “Phillips Collection“.  A private collection of some of the most amazing art that is a must see, even for folks who think they don’t know art.  You will.  A famous and unbelievable surprise at every corner from classic to contemporary!

We traveled on foot, by Metro, DC Circulator and taxi (when necessary) to all the usual destinations and then some. We went from one end of the mall to the other. We shopped in Georgetown, visited the Old Stone House, wined and dined at some delectable eateries including Founding Farmers, partook of the offerings at Eastern Market, enjoyed fine cocktails at the exclusive speakeasy, Harold Black, brunched like royalty and and lest I forget, set sail on a day trip to Alexandria to visit The Torpedo Factory on the Potomac!  Enjoy these select shots and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!



The Three Alices: Beginnings…

We come upon a major milestone in our family; the 50th wedding anniversary of my Aunt “Jo” and Uncle Joe. 50 years; half a century, my lifetime. There are festivities afoot,my friends. But the planning of this celebration, like an archeological dig, results in the unearthing of histories: pictures, souvenirs, mementos. The artifacts of long forgotten memories and feelings held close to the chest. Things that happened, time that passed: this thing happened,then that one, then that one and well…that’s just the way life goes. And here we are.

I am a woman of definitives and humble beginnings. We live day to day and quickly learn it is not good to dwell. We move on because to survive we must. We learn that there are some things best left alone. But as we revisit this past as linear progression, as a chronological time line, I realize something startling: we’re doing it right now. It isn’t linear at all. It’s a spiral, a double helix, a mobius strip where time travel is not only possible it is unavoidable. DNA rich with the stuff from which we are made is constantly communicating, blending, weaving back and forth, recombining.* 

I can see my Nanny now, palms up, shrugging, head tilted and smiling at me with those kind, resigned eyes that said to me what her eighth grade education hadn’t prepared her to explain. Her gesture is now mine. I speak and I hear the echos of her voice.

And so I start where, really, one only can: my beginnings.

My Nanny – let us name her: Alice Josephine

Alice 3 or 4 yrs and Nanny in the living room

My surrogate mother – let us name her: Alice Joann

Alice baby on swing with Joann in Nanny's backyard

*New research has shown that during pregnancy mother and child share DNA. The child actually alters the mothers DNA. Nanny had my father, then she had my Aunt Joann. This means that my father and my Nanny shared DNA which was in turn shared with my Aunt Joann. Then I was born…mind baffling.

Now we know a mother and her baby have to be linked. Cell-based communication is essential for a healthy pregnancy.”