July 4th Trip

Summertime….my absolute favorite season of the year.  Our July 4th trip: to see a bazillion uber-cool motorcycles at Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, AL.   We couldn’t think of a better symbol of American freedom!

So Ron and I rode our bikes down to stay for a couple of days, lounge around the hotel pool, catch some in-room movies, and then…spend an entire day visiting the immense and carefully curated collection of bikes owned by the Barber empire.

The Building and the grounds are spectacular.  There are huge, metal sculptures inside and out and the landscaping is impeccable.  Wish I had more shots of the grounds but whew what a day!

You really have to see it to believe it.  To illustrate, here’s a life-sized car that looks like the Bat-mobile ON TOP of the glass elevator that spans 5 floors of sheer awesomeness. Look closely and you’ll see the multitude of bikes just in that area. (Click for larger images on any of the following pics).

Auto on top of Elevator reduced

In fact, Ron found all but two of the many motorcycles he has owned.  The yellow one, for sure but who’s counting?  Here are a few random shots.  Hubby’s a Kawi man…

And, unassumingly nestled amongst the throngs, sits The LEGENDARY Vincent Black Shadow. (Cue the disturbingly alluring music and goose bumps.) Here I am trying not to touch it. (Click to look closely at the background and you’ll get a small idea of how massive the collection is.)

Alice with Vincent Black Shadow reduced

It was quite a day.  But the staff wanted to go home so we had to call it a day  🙂

Vincent Black Shadow Tail Light reduced
Vincent Black Shadow tail light.

Hope you enjoyed.  Check out Barber for your own personal experiences:  www.barbermuseum.org.  Have a great summer!

SEE YOU NEXT TIME, CUBE’STERS!         Alice waving Barber reduced




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Friends, Wine and Food-Kicking off a Creative Summer!

What better way to usher in my FAVORITE season than hanging with a group of some of Nashville’s most creative folks?  Especially when there’s local wine and barbeque from “Martins”, one of Guy Fieri’s featured restaurants on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, on the grounds at Arrington Vineyards under the big tent:

Midstate Chapter Sign

Thanks to our Midstate Chapter of TN Crafts (formerly TACA) for hosting and especially Teri (left) and Marilyn!  One has to wonder what they’re cooking up here…

Teri & Marilyn

I caught Ms. Catherine enjoying the splendid view and she graciously posed for this one:

The view with Catherine

Ron and I love the open atmosphere and mutiple celebrations happening simultaneously. Why, just look at our little volunteer from the wedding party next to us who wanted in on the fun!  How could we refuse such a sweet little face?

Random Child insisted on photo

And here’s “He Who I Cannot Live Without” with my new friends/jewelers/silversmiths Ashley (left) and Mary Ellen.  Oh, and thanks Mary Ellen for putting up with all my emails!

Ashley & Mary Ellen with Ron

The band was rocking, too, performing some jamming tunes in the jazziest way.  (Nice try fellas:  you can dress ’em up but you can’t hide those classic tunes from me. Long live rock-n-roll!) Sorry I didn’t get the name but I’m told they’re regulars:

The Band

And let us not forget the after meal chillin’, or rather, food coma!

Group shot

All in all a wonderful time!  Summer’s here: let’s get this party started!