Scrap to art

So this is how it happens:  I agree to make a commissioned, kilnworked glass “bowl” to be gifted for the July birthday of someone special to the purchaser.  And as it turns out I have JUST the ruby colored glass requested:  in many small pieces!  Since I have worked exclusively with System 96 (top of the line glass formulated specifically for kiln formed processes http://www.system96.com/), every piece is precious.  So after turning over design options I decided to make a bowl/sculpture that represents gemstones for July: specifically rubies and moonstone.  In combining a couple of different glass-cutting and kilnwork techniques I go from scrapWorkbench-Using Ruby scrap glass to art with a big sigh of relief AND a new idea:  The Birthstone Series.  Fellow artisans and lovers of glass I present the 1st in the series:

Birthstone Series: July - Ruby and Moonstone bowl
Birthstone Series: July – Ruby and Moonstone bowl

This one measures 10″ in diameter and 4″ deep, and features iridescent glass. Here’s a close-up:

Close-up: Ruby and Moonstone Bowl
Close-up: Ruby and Moonstone Bowl

The circular bottom portion is coldworked for a satin finish and signed with permanent glass paint.


On to the remaining 11 months!