Progress on garage studio

I am so excited!  My generous sister-in-law, who is moving out of her home and into a condo, donated a 6′ x 3′ standing height table, a four foot fluorescent light, several organizational bins as well as a ton of shelving (stay tuned for how/where that gets installed).  This means the car has been officially deported to the driveway.  Well, I guess if the drive was covered it would be “carported” (Get it? Car-ported? Fine. Don’t tell me keep my day job; it’s too late!)
Anyway, Ron and I spent Sunday working on the garage studio and it’s truly coming together.  Let’s see…240v electricity for Olympic kiln – check; plumbing/sink – check;  wet station for cutting & grinding glass – check; large plastic bin for discarded water containing glass “sand” – check; extra rubber mats to stand on – check. Plus, my resourceful uncle Butch gave me a compressor that he put together from several discarded ones of its kind. Now, if anyone has a used, in-wall exhaust fan lying around…  🙂  I am a lucky gal, indeed!
Studio June 30_2013 (2)