File Under “A girl’s gotta have some fun…”

I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening painting with the great Myles Maillie!  To say I was thrilled doesn’t begin to describe my elation. To not be misleading this is what I, and many others, were up to:  https://www.facebook.com/StackedBoxCommunityMuralProject.

And here are some pics: Myles Maillie Finished BoxesMyles in the middleThat’s the great Myles Maillie in the middle, Matt Fischer (Owner of “Picture This” framing and art gallery in Hermitage,  TN, and Vice-Chair, Metro Arts Commission) to the left and Sierra (hope the spelling is correct) to the right.

This is one installment of more to come.  They’re going for the Guinness Book World record.  How fun to be a part and how exciting to work under the direction of Myles.  He sketched out the design in black paint, directed us in filling in the broad strokes of color then went back and fleshed out the final painting.  Awesome to do and to watch him work.  (Insert satisfied “aaahhhh” here  🙂