“I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news”, or “A Door Closes and a Window Opens”

Well, Cube’sters since we can’t speak directly I’ll choose and tell you the not so good news first.  The jury is in (literally) and my “Water, water everywhere…” work is….wait for it…OUT!!!  So no out-of-state gallery exhibit for yours truly. And while it would’ve been nice to be accepted on my first attempt I have to admit being a tad relieved.  I have SO MUCH going on right now and going into production for the installation was a daunting idea.

So meanwhile, back at the ranch…my current awesome artist/mentor hooked me up with another opportunity: the chance to work with the curator of the Parthenon Museum (Centennial Park, Nashville, TN).  We had a chance for a sit down that went exceedingly well but, alas, this time it was I who opted out.   This was a difficult decision but I’m learning to listen to my instincts.  This meeting prompted me to reexamine my journey and begin the process of narrowing, of weeding out, of focusing on exactly what is right for me – in this moment.

So a door closed and window opened.  And I?  Let’s just say I’m enjoying the fresh air.