HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2014: On Big Plans and Past Reflections

My grandaddy always said, “Never talk about what you’re gonna do. Do it and THEN talk about it.”

I try to live up to that but with the new year underway this seems like a particularly good time to take him up on his sage advice.

I lived my entire life “out of the box” last year; both artistically and personally. This introvert lived the life of a (potentially crazed) extrovert! I went out of my way to mix and mingle; to speak my mind; to open myself to new experiences and to new and hopefully long-lasting friendships. I’ve put myself “out there”: on this blog, in social media, volunteering and interning. 

In November my cousin and I created and co-hosted a huge 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for my beloved Aunt Joann (the 2nd Alice) & Uncle Joe including a pre-written toast delivered by yours truly. In an unanticipated twist, relatives I haven’t seen in years got to “meet” me, the adult Alice (the 3rd). Same song, second verse on my husband’s side of the family. With his help I hosted my first impromptu, holiday open house at the in-laws. By the positive yet surprised reactions of everyone involved I can only surmise that I’ll be moving into the future in a new perceptual light. That makes me smile.

Reflecting on the past year I can see that the bulk of my creative work was foundational. I’m creating ME: heady stuff, indeed.

So I am out of the proverbial box. Now what?

Having the luxury of time to reflect brought a stark realization: I can do whatever I want! And yet there is no denying that the things I do will shape who I am/who I am thought to be. 

Last year’s “things to do” became this year’s “things done”: build my own website, facebook business and personal pages, create content, do a photo shoot, design logo, learn to use Photoshop & Gimp, create business cards, work a part-time job, do the Outlaw/Seed Space internship, volunteer with the Stacked Box Community Mural Project, fulfill two commissioned art pieces, apply for out-of-state juried exhibition, attend workshops, seminars, meetings and openings. Rub my belly and pat my head at the same time. (Just checking if you’re still paying attention :-). 

This year’s overarching goal is to meld what I do with who I am. It launches with my acceptance to an invitation from Adrienne Outlaw to be on the Artist Advisory Board for Seed Space.  I’m eager to see where my participation will take me! As for the rest of my Big Plans, well…aside from not taking myself too seriously I think I’ll follow my grandaddy’s advice. Talk to you soon. 

             In the meantime, enjoy the ride and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy Joy 5 x 6