iMage Making

Seed Space presents “iMage Making”, an exhibition of work by former interns Alice E. Shepherd, Guy Kopsombut and Kayla Saito, July 11-27th.

Evanesce from Seed Space announcement






Evanesce, Artwork by Alice Shepherd, Photography by “The Other Chris Scruggs”, 2015

Including live performance, illustration and sculpture,

iMage Making explores reinvention and the role of personal and professional branding in the arts.


Alice E. Shepherd is an emerging installation and socially engaged artist who holds a B.A. in Sociology from MTSU (emphases in Social Theory, Aesthetics and Social Philosophy). She works in a variety of media, but is recently focused on kiln fused glass techniques. Her kiln sculpted glass works were exhibited at Picture This Gallery (2015).  She is currently working on a collaborative piece for the July 2015 TNT at OZ.

Guy Kopsombut graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Leadership and Organizational Performance. His main medium is digital art and illustrations, but he also works in ink and watercolor. In addition to his visual art practice, Kopsombut is developing a children’s app company and a website to connect artists.

Kayla Saito is a recent graduate from Watkins College and a council member of the Watkins-led art collective Co. H.  Saito is a collaborator on many of their social practice projects and has previously exhibited at WAG in the printmaking show Staying the Course (February 2014) and Co. H’s Seven Types of Play (April 2014). Her work has also been seen at Cheekwood, TPAC and in Co. H’s summer 2014 exhibition, Mystic Truths (Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Gallery), named by the Nashville Scene as “Best Student Show” in their recent Best of Nashville issue.

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