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2016 Periscope Pitch

Just a quick post to share my Pitch experience as part of the 2016 Periscope Class.  This is only the beginning of my new journey: I have a great start on better defining myself as an artist, a new body of work (albeit small, but more to come) and I’ve made lifelong connections with a whole new group of awesome friends from many disciplines. Thanks a million to Casey Summar and Amber Buker of ABC Nashville  for creating this opportunity and their tireless work, and to John Murdock for his on-point, entertaining lectures.  I will miss spending time in the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s state-of-the-art facility!  Thanks also to my group leaders, painter Karen Seapker  and Audra Harvey of Abrasive Media for their insightful guidance.  Another heartfelt thank you to Tennessee Craft for the professional development scholarship, my sponsor and mentor, the talented (and very patient) Kim Barrick, the judges and advisers who gave so generously of their time and knowledge like James Szuch and to everyone who came out in support.  I learned a lot and discovered new things about myself, like how much I enjoy a captive audience! Click here to see my slide presentation and scroll down to see my part of the email blast from Arts & Business Council.  Enjoy!

Arts and Business Council of Greater NashvilleFinal round of our three-part email series introducing the Periscope artist entrepreneurs who will be featured at next week’s Pitch!  

Our talented artist entrepreneurs will put their training to the test when they take the stage in September to pitch their arts businesses to the community at this capstone event for the Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training program.

     Alice E. Shepherd

A maker since childhood, Alice is a native Nashvillian and an MTSU Summa Cum Laude graduate with a business background and the passion to create. She sold wall sculptures made of lightweight metals and industrial parts before beginning her self-education into kiln formed glass. Arts at the Airport holds one of her glass works in their permanent collection and she has shown at Oz Arts Nashville, Seed Space and ARTable 2015. Her tabletop lamps and decorative pieces are available at Picture This and in a juried exhibit at Centennial Arts Center. She plans to develop larger glass and metal works with an industrial, metropolitan aesthetic and is looking to explore relationships with metal-smiths, galleries, interior designers and home staging professionals to help bring her work into homes, businesses and public spaces.



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ARTable 2015

Pictures speak volumes! Here is my wonderful evening as a presenter for ARTable.  Thank you Nashville Arts Magazine and Paul Polycarpou for the coverage and fun auction. My sincere gratitude to Matt Fischer (Picture This) and Deann Bradford (Leadership Donelson-Hermitage) for this opportunity; and to Danielle “The Clay Lady” (Clay Lady Studios) and Tami Archer (Mid-South Ceramics) for being such gracious hosts at their gorgeous campus.

Thanks also to everyone who helped and to those who came out in support!  I hope you all enjoy your new artworks!  More pieces are available now at Picture This (my gallery page on their website is being updated as I write).Picture This Fall 2015 Display

In the meantime you can browse my website under Current Work for info and pricing. Let me hear from you and be sure to share pics!  Contact me here or at Artwork Cubed on Facebook and enjoy your fall season!

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Fused Glass Mosaic Chosen for Permanent Collection!!!

12"d Sunburst Mosaic; Astral Musings Collection, 2015
12″d Sunburst Mosaic; Astral Musings Collection, 2015

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that during my presentation at ARTable last Saturday night, one of the pieces from my new “Astral Musings” collection was chosen to become part of the permanent collection for Nashville’s “Arts at the Airport“!

I am deeply humbled by this privilege. My sincere thanks to Deann Bradford (Exec Director, Leadership-Donelson Hermitage) and Matt Fischer (Chair, Metro Nashville Arts Commission) for this honor.  And uncharacteristically at a loss for other words to express my gratitude and excitement!  Stay tuned for more info and pics of 2015 ARTable!!!


“EM·BOD·I·MENT”- My spectacular evening at OZ Arts Nashville!

What a thrill and an honor to have my work in the company of such amazingly talented artists and creatives! (Click here for  some great candid shots by my dear and talented photographer friend Chris Scruggs (“The Other Chris Scruggs.)
I’m still basking and processing it all.  Stephanie Pruitt has pulled off the season’s most smashing art soiree!  Pre-ticket sales were record setting and last check there were over 600 visitors!  Wow!  What a whirlwind immersion experience.  I reconnected with folks I haven’t been able to speak with in a while and made some new friends, too.   I can’t thank Stephanie and everyone at OZ Arts Nashville for this unbelievable opportunity.  

Here’s the poem we all interpreted, by Stephanie Pruitt.  My piece represented the lushness of alliteration in the phrases “the floats and falls” and “shadow and shine”.  The recirculating water was a metaphor for “The End is an invitation to begin”.

Close Reading  (bold emphasis mine)

Ask questions both obvious and obscure.
Grow to appreciate the shadow and shine,
how most simmered pots of good vs. evil are an unseasoned soup.
Notice what is there and not. Notice patterns. Notice what you notice.
Embrace the barreling grasp of fear that can propel,
and the freedom of a blank page that can paralyze.
Know that scissoring backwards from the conclusion
can’t pinky promise an aha, but proves you’ve survived
the floats and falls & …ever after,
remembering The End is an invitation to begin.


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Greetings Cube’sters!  New year, new tack on my blog postings.

As many of you already know I am a trained Sociologist with a minor in Philosophy, emphasis in ethics and aesthetics.  I often have strong opinions on things but rarely the time to reflect, adjust and refine enough to share.  I was recently given that opportunity. I am calling these “The Morning After” because I typically require time to assimilate and think about such heady topics. Maybe more of these will follow so I’m calling this “Installment #1”.

On the evening of January 14th I attended a salon, “UnBound Arts Hosts: Group Discussion on “The Death of the Artist – and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur”, with some of the most interesting and talented individuals one could hope to engage in intelligent conversation. We all read the above article in quotes as well as a counterpoint then convened to discuss. There were many salient issues and one chose me to examine it more thoroughly. Later that night and into the next day I could do nothing but think and write about it.  The following essay is a result.

On Agency: Intent, Goals, Making Art and the “Dirty Word” – Marketing

The diversity of opinions expressed in last night’s above mentioned meeting brought some ideas into sharp relief for me.  I recall watching a TV interview with several hair bands that had been wildly popular in the 80’s.  The gist of one of them went something like this:

Interviewer: What do you say to the critics who wrote that you were an untalented musician?

Band member (likely the front-man/vocalist): You know man, that stuff never really bothered me.

Interviewer: Now come on….

Band member: Look, I never even thought about being a musician.  I set out be a rock star.  And that’s exactly what I did!  (Kicks back on sofa with broad grin and general air of confidence and satisfaction).

This speaks volumes to the ways in which intent, goals and efforts to create operate within a given cultural climate. Individual tastes aside some ass kicking music was created that resonated with a lot people.  In the interest of full disclosure I was one of them. The rock star obviously considered himself successful and the critic’s arguments irrelevant.  Time seems to supports the rock star’s opinion.  One thing is for certain; a sweet package of marketing and creativity made that part of rock culture an iconic era, and for a lot of folks a lucrative one.  But was it art?  Should the two even be compared?  Is that important?  Why is it important?  What we should be asking ourselves in forming our opinions and questioning those of others is this: What is AT STAKE?

The works of the relatively few scholars I have had the good fortune to read and reflect upon (from those who lived centuries ago to contemporary authors) have well demonstrated to me that none of us exercise our agency in a vacuum, no matter how much the isolating effects of (post?) modernity may cause us to feel so.  Like it or not we all stand on the shoulders of…well, in this case if not giants, those who came before.  Willful ignorance, or simple neglect, to acknowledge this does nothing to advance the “state of the art”, whatever domain we’re considering.  In thinking about Thomas Kuhn’s work regarding scientific paradigm shifts it seems impossible to do “anything you want”.   Whether broadening the current paradigm or roundly rejecting it in favor of something entirely new one still references the former.  Even if one claims to be unaware of doing so the situation is not likely to escape the notice of others.  And those others usually have a vested interest in the dominant paradigm: be it reputation, integrity, a desire to maintain existing values and quality or (gasp!) money.

Discourse predisposed to dichotomies, for example Artist vs. Creative Entrepreneur, lends itself to bringing out the defensive in the most well-meaning of us (myself included).  After all, these aren’t just free-floating labels we’re batting about.  They have a practical impact: mainly on the legitimacy required that allows us to act autonomously within the socio-economic and political conditions of our time. (Read: create with integrity and still eat, preferably clothed in your own abode).  Make no mistake, regardless of the “democratization” technology has offered we still don’t get to decide these definitions as an amorphous group of individuals.  Democracy is not “anything goes”; its ultimate end is majority rule.  And definitions only exist by majority agreement.

My position is that doing/being BOTH “Artist” AND “Creative Entrepreneur” is unavoidable; perhaps even desirable.  Will this prevent me from mastering my art?  Or being referred to as an artist?  Considering all the pieces I have to “join together” I might incidentally and quite happily become one (as in the root definition of the word).  Maybe that 80’s rock star had it right all along.  Clarity of goals and honesty with ourselves and others about our intent are essential to success: however you define it.


New Work: Water, Water Everywhere…

Hey Cube’sters!  Just finished a new piece today.  It’s an 8″ x 8″ x 3/4″ deep “sample piece” I’ll ship tomorrow for an out-of-state juried exhibit. If I am chosen to participate I’ll go into production to make the required additional 19 original works within my chosen theme:  “Water, water everywhere…nor any drop to drink”.  My installation will be a visual reminder of the vital role that water plays in all our lives and a reminder that although approximately 3/4’s of the Earth’s surface is covered in water roughly a billion folks still lack access to a clean source. Because glass is neither a solid nor a liquid it behaves differently when exposed to different temperatures so it serves as a perfect representation for water, which also changes forms depending on temperature and conditions.  And as you know I’m a metal-head in many senses of the word; the blue color and bubbles within the glass resulted from thin copper being fired between the layers of glass.  The sides are covered in silver leaf and I’ve also included some re-purposed shim stock for that industrial feel.  So without further ado, here are a couple of pics:

Water, Water Front ViewWater, Water detail sideHere’s to Artwork Cubed meeting Art Squared!  Stay tuned for the results and wish me luck!


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Stacked Box Community Mural Project

Well, Cube’sters, two things are now official: 1) the Guinness Book of World Records has accepted this massive undertaking for consideration to break the record for largest box mural (I think it’ll be classified as a mosaic) and, 2) I’m hooked!   This post covers the last three, yes THREE, events where I’ve volunteered.  This is so much work, er I mean FUN  🙂 and I’m so lucky to be making such interesting new friends and meeting other, more established artists!   Check out their Facebook page for volunteer opportunities, schedule of events and the like.  In the meantime, hope you enjoy these pics!

(As always, click one for larger images and a self-guided tour.)


Fun art event-don’t miss it!

Hey everyone!  Looking for an interesting way to end the weekend and kick off the week?  Well, you’re in luck!  Sunday (June 9th) from 5-7 Seed Space is having a tour of the art studios and galleries starting at 427 Chestnut.  A guided tour is available from 5-6 but you can wing it on your own between 5-7 if you’d rather.  Check out the details: